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He waits until the lights are out,
And they're safely sound asleep.
In 7 seconds, he's inside the car
A minute later, down the street.
Next car on his list tonight,
A bright metallic blue Mercedes Benz.
It's always the same,
What a dangerous game,
His speed will justify his ends.

Skip tracing for 19 days,
But preparation is all part of the art.
19 years, just to perfect his trade,
With a specialty in high-end cars.
19 months ago, he made the change,
Now he's jacking cars
on the better side of the law.
He'll use his skills,
If you don't pay your bills,
To steal any car

( Don't you know that he's a...)
Midnight driver
Midnight driver.
Midnight driver,
Under the veil of darkness.

As a thief, well the victim don't know
That you're coming till you're gone
You can choose
When the chances don't lose
& that's what you're counting on
But repossession's a far different game
and the victim loves to hide
And so in the taking,
you might be taken
by surprise.

60 seconds To the vanishing point,
Take it from me boy
He's g-g-got to be a...

Midnight driver, midnight driver
Midnight driver, under the veil of darkness